Getting Back To Work!
Safely optimizing your work floor occupancy

CrowdSaver's two social distancing solutions

As the world starts to open up again, CrowdLED created a new label: CrowdSaver. We developed two solutions to get back to productivity. The CrowdRanger and the CrowdTimer. Learn everything there is to know about our solutions below.

Overall Product Features


No localization or personal data is recorded. Nor is there a central server or hub.


All devices usable straight from the box. No additional hardware required.

Social Distancing

The CrowdRanger alerts the wearer of another device entering its safe zone.

Optimize Capacity

Adhere to safety regulations and maximize the usage of space and time.

About CrowdSaver

The goal of CrowdSaver is to help you be more productive during these restricted times.

The CrowdTimer is intended for the time-slot industry, which is expanding greatly. While the CrowdRanger helps your employees maintain a safe distance.

Both solutions are developed by CrowdLED, the leading event industry tech company for smart wearables.