The CrowdTimer
A smart wearable for time-slot based events

Improve your time-slot based client flow

The time-slot wearable made easy

A CrowdTimer is a wearable device that helps visitors keep track of their time-slot. The device lights up in red when the time-slot has ended. As a result, your visitors can focus on enjoying themselves without worrying about the time. In addition, your staff has a clear indicator of whose time-slot is over.

Check out the CrowdTimer explainer video below to get familiar with our timer devices.

Multiple ways to wear a CrowdTimer

LED Timer Bracelet

Product image Angle Lit CrowdTimer LED Wristband Time-slot Wearable

A time-slot based wearable purposed for active events. In addition to being durable the adjustable strap lends itself to wrists of all sizes.

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The Lanyard

Product Image CrowdTimer Lanyard Time-slot wearable

The medallion lights up, meaning the strap can be covered by a collar without losing the device’s time-slot effectiveness.

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  • Multiple CrowdTimers can be set simultaneously
  • Alerts through red light
  • Wearable as wristband or on keychain
  • Easy to clean
  • Replaceable batteries

One user-friendly way to control them

Product Image CrowdTimer Remote

The CrowdTimer Remote

The CrowdTimer Remote let’s you set the desired time for a CrowdTimer with the press of a button. As it is a portable the operator can initiate a time-slot at any location. No additional hardware installation required. After unpacking the Remote and either your Wristbands or Lanyards you are ready to help your clients keep track of their time-slots. Antenna included.

How does a CrowdTimer work?

CrowdTimer time-slot wearable timer bracelet infograph explainer

The CrowdTimer and its Remote are designed for optimal ease-of-use.  Press a button on the Remote to set the time of the Bracelet or Lanyard. Once the time is up, the badge will light up and vibrate. Check out the steps below for an overview of a CrowdTimer usage cycle.

Distribute the CrowdTimer, either the LED Wristband or Lanyard, to your attendees after they have purchased a time-slot.

Remove the battery pull-tab from your customer’s CrowdTimer to activate it. The device will flash blue, indicating it is ready for its time to be set.

Then take your CrowdTimer Remote and press the predefined button corresponding to the time-slot length purchased by your customer. As a result the CrowdTimer(s) will flash green, indicating a successful initiation.

At the end of the time-slot the CrowdTimer will light up in red. Clearly signalling to your staff on the floor that the wearer’s time is up. This end-state cannot be altered by the wearer.

Collect the CrowdTimers at the exit and have your staff re-insert the battery pull-tab, cutting the power cycle. As a result you will stop the end-state of along with saving battery life.

Finally, clean the CrowdTimers before putting them back in circulation.

Where are CrowdTimers being used?

Trampoline Parks

‘’We need a system that allows us to see how much time our customers have left in our trampoline parks without disturbing them.’’ The goal was clear for us and the solution was easier than our customer expected. We had the software and hardware available. After tweaking our technology to adjust to the wishes of our customer we send everything over. Setting up the timer badges took minutes and another happy customer was a fact.

Restaurants & Bars

Diner is best enjoyed when focused completely on each other. With the timer badge your guests will have a great time without being interrupted by anyone. The time badge on their tabel will light up to indicate how much time they have left.

Conferences & Workshops

Keeping track of the time and sticking to the schedule are essential at a conference or break-out sessions. The CrowdTimer helps your visitors keep track of their schedule.


Visiting a museum can be an amusing way to spend your days. In the museum you want to enjoy the art, information and movies to the fullest. With the CrowdSafe timer badge you will not be disturbed doing what you came for. Your badge will let you know when you are halfway through your time and again when the time is up to leave the museum. A perfect way to enjoy your day away.

Frequently Asked Questions on CrowdTimers

Should I be worried about my privacy?
No, the CrowdTimers do not have any localization capabilities or memory. No data is stored except for the remaining minutes.
What is the difference between the CrowdTimer Bracelet and the Lanyard?

The difference is that the Bracelet is worn on a wrist, whereas the Lanyard is worn around the neck. There is no difference in functionality. Both are controlled by the same Remote.

Do I need the CrowdTimer Remote?

Yes, because the Remote is used to set the time on a CrowdTimer.

Are the batteries of the CrowdTimer replaceable?

Yes, both the Bracelet and Lanyard are powered by 2 CR2032 batteries. These can easily be replaced with minimal effort.

In contrast, the Remote is rechargeable. A micro USB charging cable is inluded.

What are the time-slots that I can set on a CrowdTimer?

The available time-slots are in multiples of 15 minutes. Using the Remote you can set 15, 30, 45, …, 120 minutes.

Can I activate multiple CrowdTimers at once?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of CrowdTimers you can set at once.

When a CrowdTimer is activated it flashes blue. Once you set a time-slot with the Remote, all CrowdTimers that are flashing blue will be set.