Getting Back To Work with CrowdSaver.
Wearable safety tech for safe reopening.

Contact tracing and real-time social distancing alarm

As the world starts to open up again, wearable safety and contact tracing technology provides businesses and events with the certainty to reopen. Business models adapt to the new normal with on-site social distancing and time-slots. To meet the needs of the new business normal CrowdSaver developed the CrowdRanger and CrowdTimer, aiding employees and customers to regain their confidence in a safe and secure work and event environment.

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CrowdSaver’s two wearable COVID-19 solutions

Social Distancing and Contact Tracing

Product Image Slanted CrowdRanger Social Distancing Wearable

The CrowdRanger

Wearable safety tech with real-time quarantine distancing alarm and contact tracing capabilities. Are you looking for a way to ensure a safe reopening of businesses and venues?

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Time-Slot Based Events and Venues

Product image Top of CrowdTimer LED Wristband Time-slot Wearable

The CrowdTimer

Time-slot wearable that alerts the user when their time-slot is over. A friendly way to ensure customer flow and optimize end of time compliance that is user focused.

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About CrowdSaver

Under the CrowdSaver label, 5 years of radio frequency technology experience is harnessed to meet the needs of the global pandemic.

The goal of CrowdSaver is to help you be more productive during these restricted times. While staying true to quality and user friendliness to increase the adoption and compliance rate.

The CrowdTimer is intended for the time-slot industry, which is expanding greatly. While the CrowdRanger helps your employees maintain a safe distance.

Both solutions are developed by CrowdLED, the leading event industry tech company for smart wearables.

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From the office to the factory floor, the CrowdRanger is wearable safety tech that puts user privacy and safety first.

Businesses across the globe look to reopen and increase capacity in a safe and responsible manner. Real-time distancing protection and contact tracing are the solution to protect employees, customers, and business continuity.

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Live events are at the heart of our culture, while also hit hardest by the corona pandemic. The real-time protection of the CrowdRanger enables reopening while protecting attendees and safely increasing venue capacity.

Crowd management has always been part of organizing an event and when done wrong has major effect on customer satisfaction. These days, doing it wrong has all the more serious consequences.

The real-time alarm of the CrowdRanger enables your audience to self-regulate their physical distance where you can’t enforce compliance. With an accuracy of up to 5 cm (2 inches) and contact tracing after the event the CrowdRanger is the perfect foundation to reopen live events.

Do you organize events and want to refocus on your content? The CrowdRanger rental solution can help build a safe foundation.

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Key product requirements


No localization or personal data recorded on the device.


All devices usable straight from the box. No additional hardware required.

Real-time alarm

Clear and precise alarm, irrespective of the number of other nearby devices.


Measurement accuracy up to 5 cm (2 inches). No matter the number of devices that are near.