CrowdLED’s experience
in radio

The CrowdSaver label,
a logical step forward.

Our Story

Returning to our CrowdLED office post lock-down we updated our desk structure, taped the floors, and kept reminding each other of hand washing. Still, we noticed that keeping a 1.5 meter distance was not an ingrained routine. People simply forget, especially when your focus is somewhere else. Luckily, we have some skilled engineers that saw fit to spend some overtime on this solvable problem. Enter the CrowdRanger prototype.

Born out of internal necessity, the first CrowdRanger version optimized for accuracy and feedback over design. No longer did we have to guess the safe distance, you had your CrowdRanger social distance wearable vibrating, honking, and lighting up – impossible to miss. The atmosphere shifted towards pre-COVID times, focus on the job not the epidemic.

That was our story, but realizing our friends and family weren’t all blessed with a creative engineering department we figured it was only a first chapter. Following market demand we upgraded the design and sturdiness of the first CrowdRanger version. The focus is now safety and ease-of-use, adapting old ideas to the new reality. We can help, so we will!

The values we hold dear


CrowdSaver is a young team of light engineers pushing the envelope of radio wearables


Advanced technology made easy to use for anyone


We are straightforward. If we don’t trust it, we don’t do it. Our Dutch heritage is ingrained in our company culture